James Dunne

Thoughts on software development

26 May 2023

Finding your weak spots

In 2018, I was coasting. I didn't like it. Life was good, I was steadily employed as a senior developer. We had a good ...
05 Apr 2023

The real "must have" tools for programmers

**Forget programs. The most important productivity tool for programming is your mind. And the next best set of software...
22 Mar 2023

Collecting feedback events from SES using Terraform

A client came to me in full panic mode. AWS had put their SES account under review. Their complaint rate had shot up to ...
13 Sep 2020

MEAN Stack Considered Harmful

The MEAN stack is everywhere. Proponents promise getting started is **easy**. Hundreds of boot camps provide crash co...
13 Sep 2020

COVID Made Me a Remote

I am now a remote worker. Out of necessity. And after years of scepticism… I love it. I didn’t think remote work woul...